Remmina Warp Edition

1 minute read

This special Remmina Warp Edition release features a Multi password changer (by @giox069 ), improved RDP gateway support, a better SSH tunneling and lots of bugfixes. The list of enhancements is long:

  • Brand new multi password Changer
  • Improved support for RDP gateway
  • SSH tunneling with RDP server redirection
  • Enabled “Save SSH Password” checkbox.
  • Implemented managing different user and password for RD Gateway
  • RDP: Removed server hostname DNS check
  • RDP plugin: Added password expired message and updated translations
  • Added option to turn off the floating toolbar in fullscreen Remmina
  • Added option to hide the toolbar inside a windowed Remmina
  • Added servername to warning popup
  • Implemented SSH protocol plugin
  • Various other SSH improvements
  • Domain field set as the default send submit in the profile editor
  • Host key improvements
  • Fixed the exit strategy
  • Closing Remmina after a disconnection or a main window close
  • Fixed various Snap issues
  • Fixed terminal functionality to make Remmina behave correctly with ncurses
  • Fixed multiple typos of ‘transfered’ word
  • Added “–full-version” commandline option
  • Added snap-preload on Snapcraft to get dynamic access to /snap
  • Improved CodeTriage and Bountysource buttons
  • Small English typo (fullscreen_on_auto)
  • Improved German translation
  • CMake clean
  • Precedence to libfreerdp2 and winpr2 libs

Longer and more detailed list of changes available here.

A big thanks to our tireless developers @antenore and @giox069, and the precious contributions of – in alphanumerical order – dfiloni, iivorait, lnicola, mfvescovi, nanxiongchao, @transistor1, weberhofer and 3v1n0.

Image by Steve Rotnam on Flickr.