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These are the recurring expences paid by Antenore and Giovanni.

What Description Yearly cost Paid Renewal (OVH.COM) domain €9.99 EUR 15/04/2021 15/04/2022 (OVH.COM) domain €12.99 EUR 25/03/2021 25/03/2022 (OVH.COM) - Hosting - Performance1 - 12 months.
- 1000 pops, 1000 mailing lists.
- CDN - 3 POPs
€119.88 EUR 24/10/2020 23/10/2021 (OVH.COM) zone DNS €1.00 EUR 25/03/2020 25/03/2022 ( VPS $83.88 USD 30/12/2020 30/12/2021
Computing environment (self-owned) 2 Intel servers and 1 pi4 are used to build Remmina packages, test different OS configurations and other tasks. €180.00 EUR    
Total   ~€394.88 EUR    

Honest hard work goes into building Remmina packages, testing Remmina on different operating systems and against different remote servers (Linux and Windows VMs), managing translations, elaborating opt-in statistics, debugging reported bugs, helping users, implementing new features, and preparing new releases.

We are so grateful for the increased donations, and any stability helps focus on what is most demanded.


Bitcoin is a libre project that avoids the bank middleman.

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  • Remmina bitcoin address: 1KDanJ8omVffdTYeYuPUCaD8Lup1TnTr3R
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Liberapay is libre software too, and a way to donate to people whose work you appreciate.


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Open Collective

Donate thorugh Open Source Collective 501(c)(6) for tax deducible donations (and more)

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GitHub Sponsors

GitHub sponsors is operated by monopoly abuser Microsoft, but they do match donations. There are different tiers for which you will receive benefits. If the different tiers available don’t suit your wishes, let us know.

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The sponsor page is owned by @antenore, be sure to clearly state your donation is for Remmina.


Hoping to close this account once all our donors there migrate to Liberapay. Patreon engages in political censorship.

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PayPal is offered as a last resort. As ugly as the others, but uses its market power to screw over small businesses. At the moment only US dollars, Euro, Swiss francs, and Russian rubles are accepted directly. If you pay in other currencies, PayPal will charge you for the conversion.

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Remmina operates a store on TEEPUBLIC

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Remmina patrons

These kind people have donated the biggest amount of money.

Year 2020 donors (in progress)

  • Benjamin Anderson ( soupcan ), known for GoldenEye: Source ( Donated $500 )
  • Abdulkarim Malkadi Khormi

Year 2019 donors

  • Daniel Bolter
  • Khalifa Alshamsi
  • Christian Houle
  • Ingo Humann
  • Justin Scott
  • Luděk Habarta
  • atzk
  • Abdulkarim Malkadi Khormi
  • Андрей Коробков
  • Andres Zanzani
  • Andrew Hart
  • Antonio Quinonez-Mun
  • Balvas Eugene
  • Benoit Mercier
  • Blagoy Chepelov
  • Clayton Casciato
  • Clemens Eberwein
  • Cordula Herzog
  • Denis Đukić
  • Dennis Lampe
  • Denoid Tucker
  • Герун Данил
  • Graham Sivill
  • Gunter Moegel
  • Hawkins IT Group Inc
  • Hector SAenz
  • Исаков Андрей
  • Janez Košmrlj
  • Jonathan Rogers
  • Josef Abdel Wahed
  • Jürgen Müller
  • Клюенков Алексей
  • Lance Edusei
  • Подловилин Виталий
  • Lutz Urban
  • Majed Zouhairy
  • Manuel Moelgg
  • Мантуров Дмитрий
  • Marc Schlegel
  • Marcel Pötter
  • Marcel Ostrovsky
  • Marcin Wolcendorf
  • Marjan Bugarinović
  • Marko Milosavljevic
  • Markus Heimberg
  • Marwan Yassin
  • Matteo Biaggi
  • Matthias Baumann
  • Matthias Tapis
  • Mathieu Morlon
  • Michael Brazeau
  • Márcio Oliveira Luiz
  • Nils Panitzsch
  • Per Arnold Blaasmo
  • Petar Kulić
  • Philipp Köhler
  • Roman Cravtov
  • Robert Premuž
  • Ross Philip
  • Ruston Rountree
  • Sergio Omiccioli
  • Thomas Stofer Computerservice
  • Trond Nystuen
  • Werner Mittermayer
  • Welles Freire Ximenes
  • Wolfgang Scherer

Year 2018 donors

  • Anton Karmanov
  • Antonio Quinonez-Mun
  • CSI Dudek Marcin
  • coder-zero @Future Systems bvba
  • Debapriyo Sarkar
  • Marco Polano
  • Michael Hipp
  • Peter Link
  • Praveen Bhamidipati
  • Radek Loutocký
  • Sergey Lebfr
  • Tommy Sweeney

Year 2017 donors

  • Anonymous (16)
  • Brad Kulkin
  • Daniel Platteau
  • Dmitry Yudin
  • Fuad kamal
  • František Řezáč
  • Jakub Kubień
  • Leigh Mutimer
  • Luca Menini
  • Mauro Frischherz
  • Paul Walker
  • Tomasz Kubacki

Year 2016 donors

These donors have contributed a great amount of money

  • Daniel Bolter
  • Bruce Cran
  • Jamison Guyton
  • Allen Smith
  • Антонов Иван
  • Artur Mroczko
  • Bruce Cran
  • Cesar Reza
  • Christian Uceda
  • Dietmar Wolf
  • Gustavo Uceda
  • Ivan Antonov
  • Ivan Dobrianov
  • Jamison Guyton
  • Lars Povlsen
  • Lynne Lawrence
  • Mikhail Blinkov
  • Michael Gruben
  • Michael Schneider
  • Nic Galler
  • Patrick Saccani-Williams
  • Paul Johnson
  • Paul Zoulin
  • Richard Lees
  • Richard Pendlebury
  • Stepan Naumov
  • Tim Richardson
  • Troy Lea
  • Viktor Sik


The Remmina project is not a nonprofit organization. Revenue streams go towards development as directly as possible. This avoids the biggest libre software 501(c)(6) fiscal host dictating which revenue streams can be utilized and saves 5% from the net revenue. The money you donate, goes to one of the Remmina maintainers (rotating yearly). For amounts above 200$, get in contact with us. Thank you so much for your support!

Exact amounts are not disclosed for privacy, except if requested. Ask at any time how your donation is used. Remmina is fully transparent, and is helped by hiding nothing. If you want to be removed, or you are not listed, or you want more details about you added, let us know.