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Remmina is a Free Libre Open Source project, developed and maintained by a small team.

We work in our free time, using our own money and resources in the hope that others will find it useful, nice and functional.

We dream to make Remmina even better and your donations could help us doing it faster.

We are not (yet) a nonprofit organization, so the money you will eventually decide to donate, will be taken by one of the Remmina maintainers (rotating yearly).

We accept only PayPal and Bitcoin at the moment, but others will be added in the future.

For amount of money above 200$ make in contact with us.

Thanks so much for your support!


We don’t disclose the exact amount of money each supporter has donated to protect their privacy as much as we can, except if otherwise requested by the donor.

As we don’t have nothing to hide and as Remmina is a FLOSS project, we disclose the list of the donors, keeping at the top those that have donated more. This is not to reduce the importance of smaller donations, as we all give what we can in accordance with their own resources.

You can inquire us at any moment to know how donations are used and any details we shall share with you.

If you want to be removed, or we forgot to list your name, or you want we add more details about you, let us know.

The Remmina Patrons

This special place is reserved to who have donated the highest amount of money since we collect donations.

Year 2019 donors

  • Andres Zanzani
  • Andrew Hart
  • Calvin McCarron
  • Clayton Casciato
  • GrowthPath Pty Ltd
  • Márcio Oliveira Luiz
  • Roman Cravtov
  • Wolfgang Scherer

Year 2018 donors

  • Anton Karmanov
  • Antonio Quinonez-Mun
  • CSI Dudek Marcin
  • coder-zero @Future Systems bvba
  • Debapriyo Sarkar
  • Marco Polano
  • Michael Hipp
  • Peter Link
  • Praveen Bhamidipati
  • Radek Loutocký
  • Sergey Lebfr
  • Tommy Sweeney

Year 2017 donors

  • Anonymous (16)
  • Brad Kulkin
  • Daniel Platteau
  • Dmitry Yudin
  • Fuad kamal
  • František Řezáč
  • Jakub Kubień
  • Leigh Mutimer
  • Luca Menini
  • Mauro Frischherz
  • Paul Walker
  • Tomasz Kubacki

Year 2016 donors

These donors have contributed with an important amount of money during the year 2016

  • Daniel Bolter
  • Bruce Cran
  • Jamison Guyton

These donors are listed in first name alphabetical order.

  • Allen Smith
  • Антонов Иван
  • Artur Mroczko
  • Bruce Cran
  • Cesar Reza
  • Christian Uceda
  • Dietmar Wolf
  • Gustavo Uceda
  • Ivan Antonov
  • Ivan Dobrianov
  • Jamison Guyton
  • Lars Povlsen
  • Lynne Lawrence
  • Mikhail Blinkov
  • Michael Gruben
  • Michael Schneider
  • Nic Galler
  • Patrick Saccani-Williams
  • Paul Johnson
  • Paul Zoulin
  • Richard Lees
  • Richard Pendlebury
  • Stepan Naumov
  • Tim Richardson
  • Troy Lea
  • Viktor Sik


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