Welcome. we are a kind, open-minded, simple community. All help welcome, in any way you can think of.


Remmina uses the fork and pull model. If you’d like to make changes to this project, the following steps will get you there!

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Make your changes
  3. Submit a merge request

The wiki has details on how to compile Remmina and FreeRDP. Look for issues labeled “help wanted”. There are also paid bounties available. Know how to fix a bug or implement anything requested or completely new, but lack the time? Get in touch, We can pay for some hours of your time. Don’t be shy.

Fix existing bugs

In general, this is the most important task. To see all the issues already labeled as bugs, you can use this query.

Implement most wanted features and fixes (bounty $305)

Similarly, we have a quite important list of feature requests, that are labeled as enhancement, of which some that have a bounty for those that will be able to implement them. Also, you can see our sandbox repository for more information.

  • #476 : Favorite and recent connections [$5]
  • #376 : RDP: Multi monitor support [$15] (Done!)

Internal projects


Submit user and developer guides in any (accessible) format you want (screencasts, PDF, HTML, Open Document, .gs, .ps, LaTeX, GitLab wiki , etc).

Commenting the source code and writing checks is also an ongoing process.


Financial contributions help make Remmina a lot. More info to be found on the Remmina website donation page. List of all the great supporters.

Report bugs, ideas, issues

Install it, use it and report What doesn’t work, is missing, or ugly. Don’t hesitate to let us know. For bug and feature requests, use GitLab issues or ask on IRC.


Send in pictures or screengrabs of your setup.


Help translate Remmina to your language.


  • As short as you can. Around 2 minutes to maximum 4 minutes.
  • Avoid showing copyrighted and distracting content, even custom/other desktop icons should not be shown.

Videos demonstrating different ways to use Remmina, the more the merrier! The original video is needed, as it will be uploaded to video streaming services, if you need support let us know. These would make good topics for videos:

  • Configuration and use of a basic RDP profile, quickly showing the most common controls (resizes, toolbar placement, screenshots, …).
  • Creation of a default profile.
  • Cration of and connection to a VNC server.
  • Using a basic SSH tunnel.


Your video will be uploaded to video streaming services, under the respective Remmina account at each site. You can add a watermark with the details you want to share, and a caption will be added in the linked video. Pick a suitable license, like CC-BY-SA 4.0-intl. Sending an unedited video is fine too.

Desktop/screen video recorder

Video editors

There are many video editors for Linux|GNU. OpenShot is good. To produce good looking videos choose a 1080p profile.

Share your videos with us

If you don’t want to use reep.io, get in contact at admin@remmina.org. reep.io is a P2P file-sharing system, meaning there are no servers in the middle.

https://remmina.org web contributions

If you find errors, missing information or you just want to write an article for Remmina, you can submit a merge request at our public repository.