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And in 1.4.30, 1.4.31, and 1.4.32, Remmina is up to its 64th release tracked on GitLab. The year in retrospect went well, and when all came to be done, \ the quiet season is upon us. \ Something to truly be thankful for. \ Sailing into fairer waters, the GTK4 land will in due time \ bring bare better premises for the Remmina future. The full changelogs for [1.4.31](https://gitlab.com/Remmina/Remmina/-/releases#v1.4.31), [1.4.32](https://gitlab.com/Remmina/Remmina/-/releases#v1.4.32), and [1.4.33](https://gitlab.com/Remmina/Remmina/-/releases#v1.4.33) stuffs the stockings. A life by weather perturbed we shall never succumb to. Lowly is the critter and worse its fate. Merry Yuletide to all, big and small :)