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Debian Stretch

Some weeks ago, we posted an article about the lack of Remmina package in Debian 9 “Stretch”. At that time, it seemed that a solution was easy to achieve. Sadly, we were wrong. We are still working with our Debian friends to get Remmina working in Debian 9 by using backports.

A lot of e-mails arrive asking how to get Remmina installed on Debian 9. There are three ways, each with pros and cons.

First: compile it

Follow the guide on the wiki – it works on x86_64, with some tweaks needed for ARM.

Second: snap it

Download the Snap package, consult the wiki. It works well, but there are currently three major problems:

  1. Passwords are not saved in the keyring (unless you install and use the Snap gnome-keyring)
  2. Missing icons (some workaround exists)
  3. Inability to access your SSH keys (unless you copy them in the snap folder).

At last: The best way

One of our developers is working on a Remmina AppImage package. This will be the best way to install Remmina in Debian 9, without significant cons – until backports.

New blogposts following shortly

Photo by Elizabeth K. Joseph on Flickr