Get ready before to ask for help

When you seek for help it’s important to provide as much technical background as possible.

Remmina has a --full-version flag that is very useful to us, see the following asciinema cast for an example.

For getting general help using Remmina

For bugs and feature requests

Internationalization, translations

If you have issues withe the translations or anything that is related with the localization of Remmina, use our dedicated mailing list.


Documentation is the Achilles heel of most developers and we are no exception, if you want to help you are more than welcome.

Professional support

We develop Remmina in our free time at the best effort, therefore we are not able to provide professional support. You can anyway try to send an email to the Remmina general discussion mailing list or try to contact directly one of the Project admin.

If you want to support Remmina and you need a Cloud service, consider evaluating one provided by Alibaba Cloud , the 3rd world biggest Cloud provider. They have a huge Cloud offer with extremely interesting prices, so go ahead and have a look, it’s really worth it.


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