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Mike Gabriel (sunweaver) has commissioned Daniel Teichmann (D0n1elT) to add a Remmina plugin for X2Go.
Not only is this a fantastic way to increase the usability of Remmina for yourself, but
consequently, it is equally useful for others in the same situation.

So much of an eternal hero is Teichmann that he even went on to improve the handling of plugins,
and asked where to update the documentation.

Mike Gabriel, of patronage sainthood, is part of the X2Go core team, and makes sure package support for it is available
in Debian/Ubuntu. We are happy to see support for this superior alternative to other protocols growing, and this
means support is available in yet more desktop environments.

It is possible (and encouraged by Remmina) to donate to the X2Go developers and professional support is also offered.

Visit sunweaver’ blog or Planet Debian to find more details.

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