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Division over what creation takes away is preferred to its eternal net loss.

In much the same way not deriving values from a deity doesn’t deprive one of morals,
omnipotent accumulardation can be found disagreeable
respective of the powers of individuals involved.
Opportunistically befitting, the decidedly equititorial
by way of belt of redistributution at the other side of ends not meeting comes out.
Is any facet of opportunity more-so represented
into produced outcomes than its measure of natural distribution?

Some part of ones DNA mitigates its sequencing against our will,
as having some nuclear power—legitimizes everyone accruing their own in part.
The middleman at scale answers to your say perhaps, in equal measure short
of taking at all even given known considerations into account,
as intrinsically controllable by means not available to you.

Leveled at smoking gun availabilty, the establishmental begats basis of communication
noisy enough to grant rationational freedom of thought, at effort just
as gauged by those trying to control it as they see fit.

As produce of prevailing ideas, we think by way of yours
truly better of ourselves.
Improved and refined is function at will.
And won’t someone from beyond the fourth wall write better blogposts!?