Remmina SPICED has been released

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A new amazing release bringing you some fantastic new features and improvements. As an image is often better than 1000 words, here it is:

Remmina new main window

Main enhancements:

  • Wayland support (brought to you by Giovanni Panozzo).
  • SPICE protocol plugin (mainly used by KVM) (brought to you by Denis Ollier).
  • Remmina main refactoring (brought to you by Antenore Gatta & Giovanni Panozzo) A big thanks to Giovanni, Dennis and Antenore for the coding, to Johannes and our G+ community for their invaluable support.

Change Log

1.2.0.rcgit.13 (2016-05-30)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • Move Focus to Quick_Find search-box Upon Typing #837
  • RDP: Fix extended mouse event to register the click for forward/back buttons #638
  • Remmina main window refactoring #875 (antenore)

Fixed bugs:

  • [remmina_main] Quick connect bar not visible #878
  • Remmina doesn’t support ssh-rsa hostkeys #647
  • Toolbar buttons initially enabled in the main window #467

Closed issues:

  • Only access via administrator account (Raspbian → Windows 10) #880
  • Location of saved connections is wrong in wiki #866
  • Grayed buttons if no entry or if none selected #488

Merged pull requests: