Remmina Olympic Release is out

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Remmina Olympic Release is out - Remmina

A new version of the GTK Remmina remote desktop client has been released.

Our amazing Remmina team released a new version named “Olympic”, as a tribute to the great, international community that makes Remmina what it is.

This is not only a bugfix release, as we have some new enhancement around the SPICE plugin (thanks Denis), the PPA package (thanks Matteo) and the RDP plugin (thanks Giovanni).

Here we go…

Implemented enhancements:

  • No dark tray icon #905

Closed issues:

  • Remmina can no longer detect bad RDP credentials #960
  • “Import plugin” dialog #954
  • SSH does not try IPv4 after IPv6 fails (when DNS has addresses for both) #953
  • Systray does not show the Remmina applet icon in Plasma 5.7 – therefore no connect menu #944
  • RDP reconnect extra warning at the end #929
  • Invisible “Add” button due to colour #924
  • View bug #920
  • SSH – Blank window after upgrading Fedora 23 to 24 #913
  • Don’t compile on FreeBSD #911
  • Missing Remmina “Settings” icon on Ubuntu 14.04 #906
  • “apt-get fresh install” error on Ubuntu MATE 15.10 #903
  • Remmina 1.2 SSH support in Fedora-24beta totally broken #899
  • Segmentation Fault on FreeBSD using SPICE #876
  • Error when using clipboard sync with Windows 2012R2 #821
  • RDP Clipboard issue with 1.2.0-rcgit.10 #809
  • FreeBSD – error: No member named ‘sftp_client_confirm_res ume’ in ‘union remmina_masterthread_exec_data #431

Merged pull requests:

  • SPICE package and integrated Debian packaging. #964 Matteo Nastasi
  • .travis.yml: Add a missing dependency #963 @dshcherb
  • spice: Add support for TLS encrypted connections #962 (larchunix)
  • Update AUTHORS #959 (antenore)
  • Fix import label #957 @Justinzobel
  • Updated Hungarian translation #949 @meskobalazs
  • Add missing ClientFormatListResponse() call in RDP plugin clipboard, … #948 (giox069)
  • RDP: allow turning off auto reconnection in .remmina file #947 @xhaakon
  • Embed docs #945 Matteo Nastasi
  • Allow removing libsecret dependency #942 @diogocp
  • Add shortcuts to show remote desktop edges #940 Matteo Nastasi
  • Fix a possible crash when changing gtk_tree_model #928 (giox069)
  • Inverted systray icon for light theme #907 (antenore)