Remmina Olympic Release is out

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A new version of the GTK+ Remmina Remote Desktop Client has been released!

Our amazing Remmina team has just released a new version, that has been named Olympic as a tribute to the great, international community that makes Remmina one of the best remote desktop client available on Linux.

This is not only a bug fixing release as we have some new enhancement around the Spice plugin (thanks Denis!!!), the PPA package (thanks Matteo!!!!) and the RDP plugin (thanks Giovanni!!!).

Here we go…

Implemented enhancements:

  • No dark tray icon #905

Closed issues:

  • Remmina can no longer detect bad RDP credentials #960
  • Import Plugin Dialog #954
  • SSH does not try IPv4 after IPv6 fails (when DNS has addresses for both) #953
  • Systray does not show the remmina applet icon in Plasma 5.7 – therefore no connect menu #944
  • RDP reconnect extra warning at the end #929
  • Invisible Add-Button due to color #924
  • View bug #920
  • SSH – Blank Window After Upgrading Fedora 23 to 24 #913
  • Don’t compile on FreeBSD #911
  • missing remmina settings icon ubuntu 14.04 #906
  • apt-get fresh install error on Ubuntu MATE 15.10 #903
  • remmina-1.2 SSH support in Fedora-24beta totally broken #899
  • Segmentation Fault on FreeBSD using SPICE #876
  • Error when using clipboard sync wiht windows 2012R2 #821
  • RDP Clipboard issue with 1.2.0-rcgit.10 #809
  • FreeBSD – error: no member named ‘sftp_client_confirm_res ume’ in ‘union remmina_masterthread_exec_data #431

Merged pull requests:

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