Remmina Sandwich Release

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A Matrix rendered sandwich

First of all let me tell you that we are going to stop with these non-sense titles. Yeah!

Starting from the next release, the codename could be named after you or whatever you like, just name it! To get this privilege, you could, for instance, discover why we named this release “Sandwich”, or you could write some code for Remmina. We are thinking to other prizes, so stay tuned and we will let you know.

If you think I’ve finished, you are wrong; before to speak about the release, I still have to announce a couple of other things.

We’ve added Ads on this site, we were obliged because the donations are not enough. Always speaking about money, we added flattr, liberapay and we are working on Patron.

Coming back to the sandwiches, we’ve just released the v1.3.0, this is a big release, with many new features and a ton of fixes.

The most notable ones are:

  • All the message panels (login, certificates, etc) are now integrated in the main connection window.
  • We have introduced the “Use the initial window size” resolution.

The message panels were stealing the focus and causing different kind of issues (i.e. windows re-patenting), mainly, we were not able to calculate the windows size before the connection. As this is now possible, we added a resolution setting that set the remote desktop resolution, equal to the initial Remmina connection window… WOW breath!! Well, have a look at a couple of screenshots, and if you don’t like them, just submit yours, we’ll name the next release after you ;-)

Message panel and window size resolution

Well, that’s almost everything, here after you can have a look at the release note and if you need help for the update start with this page.

v1.3.0 (2019-01-18)

Most notable

  • Use window resolution #1 (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • rcw_preopen complete (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • RDP: new global parameter rdp_map_keycode (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Use decimal instead of hex on rdp keycode map (by Giovanni Panozzo)


  • Adding basic script to update the po files (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Added remmina.pot (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Change es_VE.po header (Language-Team and Language) (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Fixed some Italian translations (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Fixing es_VE Spanish #1797 (by Antenore Gatta)
  • French translation update for v1.3.0 (by Davy Defaud)
  • Improving i18n subsystem (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Russian translation updated (fully translated) (by TreefeedXavier)
  • Translations - Fixing errors reported in the issue #1797 (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Update Hungarian translation (by Meskó Balázs)
  • Update de.po (by Ozzie Isaacs)
  • Update tr.po (by Serdar Sağlam)
  • Updated german translation (by Ozzie Isaacs)
  • Updated ru.po (by TreefeedXavier)
  • Updated translators list ru.po (by TreefeedXavier)
  • Updating da.po (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Updating po translation files (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Updating translation credits (by Antenore Gatta)

Other enhancements and fixes

  • Added xrdp friendly options Closes #1742 (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Adding language detection (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Auth panel widget placement (by Antenore Gatta)
  • CSS modifications to adapt to stock Gnome and Gtk themes (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Correctly set focus after rcw_preopen (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Deprecates dynamic_resolution_width and height cfg params (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Disable glyph cache by default (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Fix crash when showing password panel (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Fix gtk_window_present_with_time() time (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Fixed build for the flatpak (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Fixed missing icons (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Gtk deprecation and CSS restzling (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Gtk icon cache update during install phase (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Icons and gtk fixes for rcw_reopen (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Make menu items paintable by the application (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Open connection window before connecting (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Prevent toolbar signals while reconfiguring toolbar (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • RDP fixes: remove redundant rfi->width/rfi->height and more (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • RDP: correctly destroy rfi->surface during a desktop resize (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • RDP: move gdi_resize() to a better place (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • RDP: remove unneeded OrderSupport struct init (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Remove deprecated floating toolbar toplevel window (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Search box clear icon (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Update (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Update (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Update toolbar button handling (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Updated CSS to have black background in fullscreen (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Updated sponsor list (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Updated wiki URLs (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Updating Doxygen config (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Updating coyright for year 2019 (by Antenore Gatta)
  • VNC: Fix possible crash during connection (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • allow closing tab after error message panel is shown (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • flatpak: update freerdp from 2.0.0-rc3 to 2.0.0-rc4 (by Denis Ollier)
  • flatpak: update gnome sdk from 3.28 to 3.30 (by Denis Ollier)
  • flatpak: update libssh from 0.8.5 to 0.8.6 (by Denis Ollier)
  • flatpak: update libvncserver from 0.9.11 to 0.9.12 (by Denis Ollier)
  • flatpak: update nx-libs from to (by Denis Ollier)
  • flatpak: update six from 1.11.0 to 1.12.0 (by Denis Ollier)

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