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Coders (Part 213)
Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fa/Bugfixing.jpg BY License

This is hopefully the last bugfix release following v1.3.0, v1.3.1 will be released once bugs are fixed.

Thanks a lot to those promptly reporting issues.

The last 10 days.

v1.3.2 (2019-01-31)

  • Change rcw size allocation wait algorithm, see issue #1809 (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Fix a couple of VNCI crashes, see issue #1821 (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Fix spice authentication, issue #1820 (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Update translations script fixes (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Add a missing end point in an SSH error message (by Davy Defaud)
  • Complete the French translation (by Davy Defaud)
  • New strings for it.po (by Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Remmina Translations Statistics (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Remmina Translation Report (by Antenore Gatta)
  • Cosmetics fixes: (by Antenore Gatta & Davy Defaud)
  • Development Documentation fixes (by Antenore Gatta)

v1.3.1 (2019-01-28)

Bugfix release

Giovanni Panozzo has fixed many issues introduced in the last release.

Additionally a great overhaul has been done by Davy Defaud to fix many typographic errors and translations.

Wolfgang Scherer has fixed an annoying clipboard bug in the VNC plugin.

List of changes

  • Updated author files (Antenore Gatta)
  • Version bump (Antenore Gatta)
  • Merge branch ‘german-translation’ into ‘master’ (Davy Defaud)
  • Updated german translation (Johannes Weberhofer)
  • Updated translations (Antenore Gatta)
  • Fixed pot generation (Antenore Gatta)
  • Fixed LINGUAS format (Antenore Gatta)
  • Merge branch ‘typographic_fixes’ into ‘master’ (Antenore Gatta)
  • Use uppercase for VNC, SSH, SFTP and RDP protocol names (Davy Defaud)
  • Gettextize more SSH error messages (Davy Defaud)
  • Replace single quotes by true apostrophes (Davy Defaud)
  • Replace all triple points by ellipsis characters (Davy Defaud)
  • Remove space before colons in English strings (Davy Defaud)
  • Fix English typo transmittion → transmission (Davy Defaud)
  • Fix a bad indent (spaces instead of a tab) (Davy Defaud)
  • Merge branch ‘vnc-blocks-after-clipboard’ into ‘master’ (Giovanni Panozzo)
  • VNC: prevent client from blocking when remote clipboard is changed (Wolfgang Scherer)
  • Merge branch ‘master’ into ‘master’ (Davy Defaud)
  • Russian translatoin improved, for more human-like language (TreefeedXavier)
  • Merge branch ‘patch-5’ into ‘master’ (Davy Defaud)
  • Performance improvement (Antenore Gatta)
  • Improved Turkish translation (Serdar Sağlam)
  • Bump documentation version (Antenore Gatta)
  • Update tr.po (Serdar Sağlam)
  • Fixing docker image (Antenore Gatta)
  • Add background class to message panel (Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Merge branch ‘css_fix’ into ‘master’ (Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Fix password field focusing, see issue #1811 (Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Fix CSS of message panel and tab page (Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Merge branch ‘master’ of gitlab.com:Remmina/Remmina (Antenore Gatta)
  • Logo documentation (Antenore Gatta)
  • Merge branch ‘italian-strings’ into ‘master’ (Davy Defaud)
  • Remove the duplicate of the first header line (Davy Defaud)
  • Improved Italian translation (Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Merge branch ‘rcw_fixess’ into ‘master’ (Giovanni Panozzo)
  • rcw fixes for fullscreen mode (Giovanni Panozzo)
  • All rows translated (Serdar Sağlam)
  • Merge branch ‘master’ of https://gitlab.com/Remmina/Remmina (Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Fix border appearing in VIEWPORT_FULLSCREEN_MODE when not needed (Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Merge branch ‘1813-a-few-fixes-improvements-for-the-po-files’ into ‘master’ (Davy Defaud)
  • Fix scrolling in VIEWPORT_FULLSCREEN_MODE (Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Correctly reparent MessagePanel when moving a tab (Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Make ftb visible before connecting (Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Add the missing plural forms of a translation (yet to be translated…) (Davy Defaud)
  • Add missing format specification in a Spanish translation string (Davy Defaud)
  • Fix missing language code in po some file headers (Davy Defaud)
  • Merge branch ‘patch-4’ into ‘master’ (Antenore Gatta)
  • Merge branch ‘blackmp’ into ‘master’ (Antenore Gatta)
  • remove black background (Antenore Gatta)
  • Merge branch ‘issue-1809’ into ‘master’ (Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Set notebook current page to 1st page on new cnnwin (Giovanni Panozzo)
  • Merge branch ‘issue1810-icons’ into ‘master’ (Antenore Gatta)
  • Removed edit-delete.svg from the repository (Antenore Gatta)
  • Merge branch ‘issue1810-icons’ into ‘master’ (Antenore Gatta)
  • Removed edit-delete icon - fixes #1810 (Antenore Gatta)
  • Merge branch ‘patch-1’ into ‘master’ (Antenore Gatta)
  • Flatpak: update spice-gtk from 0.35 to 0.36 (Denis Ollier)
  • Translate the two new strings recently added (Davy Defaud)