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At times no different from any other, other than more recent to the time of its release.
The many thin threads appear again woven into the fabric of a new Remmina.
Yet here we are, and there we were, as we were, as it were, aware of where we are.
Nobody would think to make it like that, but that is the special nature of what it is.

D0n1elT operates a festive five-star X2Go delivery service, with a helping hand from @sunweaver.
tmow has has stuffed the stockings and has a hand in every turkey.
broth-itk somehow upset the main Remmina window by closing it, but then made amends.
Giox offers relationship counseling for people seeking to maintain
their relationship to their default printer and compatibility with FreeRDP3.
merarischreoder lets you make a timely connection of
landing that one-liner before entering the SSH tunnel.
HeroesLoveToRoujiamo ensures you are not completely in the dark with regards to directions.
The kingu we know as someone who doesn’t do a great deal of damage
configuring translation plugins, is regrettably a figure of the past.
More could have been done to do less damage, and even though
as much is easily figured out in retrospect and communicated in a passive
voice, do know a different strategy is planned.
Hopefully a dumpety-humpety recovery can be made.

If you are wondering whether donating or this writing actually has any tangible goal in mind,
you will find peace with these being entirely disjointed efforts. :)
All donations continually make their way into carefully planned development.
It is also an appreciation that doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you so much.

Remmina is decidedly not in the business of collecting data.
Sending in the voluntary statistics is no longer possible in 1.4.22.
For those wanting to check up on their own installation live,
a “collect underpants” monitoring tool will be available in the next few versions.
It’s cold out there, but it’s warm in bed. X2Go is love. X2Go is life.

The glass is a full changelog for 1.4.22.

Find in yourself a puzzled frame of reference as to what is missing from the pieces of your assemblage.