Coronet of carol

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As the ring is closed, for the sound of bone-pipes only to be cast anew,
we speak nothing ill or otherwise of the earnt seg—
at fault for bringing us here, arriving just in time
for anything to get to where it is.

As circles emanate outwards, the project spirit remains at depth the
main character beneath a snow-protruding hat.
To walk the in the ashes of remembrance, the white beard
remembers all in the burden of knowledge.
A mistle of changes is brought in tow,
the beauty of which is reborn in humility.

Rows of lights are evenly distributed, thanks to eworm-de,
and headkaze brings to each a map through which their keys will fit.
A tightly encoded connection can be made, in clean code, with no set indication,
by antenore.

A smoldering full Yule log for 1.4.23 brings warmth and festivities to all.

Your sacrifice to others is a remembrance of what is left of yourself.