New maintainer

less than 1 minute read

Put on your best tanooki suit, there is a new maintainer in town.
Like a visit to a vending machine that has maintainers,
we got exactly what we wanted.
No longer one-horse towned in the animal farm sense,
Remmina-ville is safe again. Down from a cloud-platform jumped myheroyuki
to press both A and B on us all,
via first bopping some bugs, linting some lints,
and featuring.

You are probably familiar with Takanaka (the muscian),
but this is Tanaka. Notice how it is almost the same.
It is a different person.
Yes, a cover band has taken over the player 1 controller for Remmina!

With that, the gnomes are defeated for now.
Thank you to everyone sending nice messages and coins to collect.