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The leisurely pace of Remmina takes strides in strident fashion with Fast Forward™ shoes.

Doing things right is somehow antithetical to most of what happens in technology.
Despite that, it can only seem fitting for Fastly to find it within reason
to support Remmina with this grant.
Thank you.

From the wealth of projects operating on things other than direct profitability,
it is still a bold move to pick Remmina.
As now a program within a program, encompassing shared values is what ties
the room together. No (more) less, no less(oned more)?
Remmina has no rugs to pull, but it does have the integrity of positioning
itself with users in mind.
This is somehow an open crevasse to transpire.
For something to remain open, it can’t be a door

At the other side of it there are overworked individuals spread very thin
in furnishing the door frame.
“This is my (temporary) hole in the wall”, they say. For any wall that anyone could and would want to put up for other reasons,
it is a door that can become more wall, because that key exists.
The paradoxical ability to be, rather than to remain open pertains to more open
(for everyone to do anything) only adds the potential of less open for everyone as a product of lowered entropy.

Openness is only a safety-net as an enshrining cover of effort all the way down,
rather than a foundation to build openness atop.

Copyleft (however) in any of its forms doesn’t guarantee there will be anything to
remain in place or even exist in and of itself, but in its guaranteed openness it
must bring down what are then natural and existing obstacles to exist.

Anything not more easily navigated around becomes a wall easier to scale, downwards.
If that leaves you with nothing left in a downfallen commons, it is however rock-solid.
Whether it slips through the cracks or welcomes itself in at the door-hole
is rather irrelevant in the pursuit of lowering the barrier to entry.

If tackling the problems of the world isn’t a sustainable venture, those are acceptable terms.