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To prevent the spread of the Corona virus (COVID-19), it is now common for companies to put in place policies requiring people to work from home.

This is something Remmina does, which we found it reasonable to recommend, following internal consideration looking at the guidelines of governments, municipalities, and the numbers of infected people around the world,

Connect to your work-computer from home, and do what needs doing, just like you otherwise would, only now using the computer you have available, by installing Remmina on it.

In addition to the usual, consider also that your keyboard and your mouse are areas of physical contact you should avoid sharing with others.

Outside of more serious threats like SARS and COVID-19, having the ability of doing home-office days additionally lowers the amount of sick-days, so having the capability ready to go comes in handy in any event.

This way, there is no need to come in to infect others unnecessarily, even when you are feeling a bit better, or aren’t totally under the weather.

We are not trying to sell you Remmina, and hope our concern for your physical and digital safety is (optionally) worthy of a donation only if you find the product to be of use to you.