We have Stats

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As already wrote in our previous post, Remmina now lets users send us some statistic about the usage of our beloved program. Again: we collect only anonymous data, you can look a sample of data.

Now everybody can see a summary of those data, in the new page “Remmina Usage Statistics” on our website. Well, there are a couple of interesting things over there:

  • Ubuntu is the most used distribution, followed by Linux Mint and Debian (or maybe Fedora, let’s wait some more time!)
  • Most of our users live in Russia Federation, followed by USA and Brazil

Funny facts:

  • We have at least three users in Greenland (please contact us, we want hear your story!)
  • Our users use more than 50 different Linux Distribution.

Thanks for your collaboration, Remminers, together we are building a better world!