Venetian Minds

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In summary of events leading up to this occasion,
buttons were hit in sequences appeasing computers and
organics alike.

One would be wise to suspend belief in the world of superstition,
despite the realisation of a Remmina release in the image of great premonition.

This time all the infrastructure is in place for Python plugins to be written.
Sticking to older guns, forwarding XOrg programs over SSH is possible.
The kiosk-mode sees improvements to its simple offerings.
An assorted list of bugs are off the menu entirely.

Many hands on deck, with PHWR, lorenz, marco.fortina, and ToolsDevler also taking part,
with yet more signing on.

A lot of work went into the Korean, Czech, Finnish, Slovak, Hungarian Brazillian Portuguese, and Japanese
translations, with other languages also being fixed up for the release.

Everyone funding Remmina receive a lot of thought, but not enough mention.
Thank you so much to all donators new and old :)

The full details are a summary of happiness.

The fair overshadowing the uncomplicated is a penchant for progress in tradition.