Valid vindication

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Maybe it has been a good year, or the worst year on record.
That sounds sounds like a record-setting year at worst.
And if that isn’t something to complain about, not many such years to come.
Avoiding crashing out of existence seems at both odds and ends with it all.

Existing is a tragedy of correlated success. Might as-well play to the
gallery of conditions for it, as even at at a total loss the game continues.

If you are having to use macOS you obviously can’t do anything about
the direct and immediate threat of physical harm allowing this to happen.
There is however always something to done.
Sartre, despite not being a German, tried to do philosophy.
He proposed that the most free condition of freedom exists locked down
in the total absence of real-world choice.

Maybe Remmina can entice people to erode whatever consistency there
is in this macOS-level of thinking? In turn it might even be fully
replaced by valid thoughts, charitably changing conditions.

Consider the first full step away from the wrong direction.

Merry Yuletide to all, local and downstream JSONS.