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Through many changes and questions relating to them, a release culminates in their passing.

liimee for Indonesian and phlostically for French are new faces in translation.
cth451, xsmile, matir and akallabeth by extention, extended the network of code and its utility to the new and improved.
raghavgururajan from Guix joins the package in its packaging effort.

Continued donations are very immensely appreciated. We are all helping to bring each-other Remmina.

The full changelog for 1.4.14 is a snapshot in the writings of history brought to account.

Take and do care.

Edit: The release cycle is heating up with this verifiably hot patch.

The full changelog for 1.4.15 brings to bear excitement for what forgetfullness is still in store for next release.

Repeat prior fixes to forgotten mistakes.

Edit2: Or, establish a trifecta of powers to be. The full changelog for 1.4.16 completes the detour waved on as one cortege of trickles d’oeuvres.

Historical repetition is only temporary forgetfullness.