Remmina The Digger Edition

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We have just released a new Remmina version that solves most of the issues around the SSH Protocol Plugin, a new Exec Protocol Plugin and several bug fixing.

The above image and the Release name wants to highlight both, the fact that it’s a release around the SSH tunnel functionality, and how hard it was to dig inside the Remmina code to make things working.

For those interested in knowing all the arcane details, can go through, and digging 😉 , the file

Here after a brief list of what it’s important (it’s not a full list).

Implemented enhancements:

  • Feature request – Option to completely hide the floating toolbar when in fullscreen. #1379
  • Option to run Pre Command before ANYTHING else #1363
  • Enhancement – Variables for pre- and post-commands #849
  • Implement an exec protocol plugin #1406 (antenore)
  • Add SPICE Native WebDAV shared folder support #1401 (larchunix)
  • Added encryption algorithms options for SSH #1397 (antenore)
  • Prior commands improvements #1378 (antenore)
  • flatpak: add manifest for flatpak-builder #1368 (larchunix)
  • telepathy: properly setup dbus activation #1365 (larchunix)
  • Add avahi host discovery for ssh and sftp plugins #1355 (larchunix)

Fixed bugs:

  • Un-check of “Fullscreen on the same monitor as the connection window” won’t save #1344
  • Remmina resets screen resolution settings in RDP shortcut #1323
  • SSH Tunneling is broken with SSH Agent with public key #1228
  • Failed to load plugin: – undefined symbol: remmina #714
  • Align SFTP and SSH plugins authentication and tunnel functionalities. #1393 (antenore)
  • Fix Telepathy plugin compilation #1356 (larchunix)
  • __func__ keyword must not be quoted #1350 (larchunix)

Closed issues:

  • SSH not working #1418
  • Unable to reject new or changed RDP certificate #1413
  • The password in the connections is not saved after upgrading Remmina #1402
  • remmina fails to open sftp window, connected to ssh2 server with public key auth #1392
  • WARNING: the “resolution” setting in .pref files is deprecated #1358
  • remmina shows pop-up notification only for first screenshot #1347
  • SFTP identity File #1301
  • Password not saved #1047

Merged pull requests:

Enjoy it and Happy New Remote Year!!!!

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