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You funded it, and here it is. Multi-monitor at long last. Not only is it here before its official 1.5 release, it is here so you can test it beforehand. In a release predating even this blogpost.

You can wait still, but having funded it, odds are you want or are using 1.4.12 right now as much as you want it later. And 1.4.12 you get, in turn for an even better 1.5. That sounded about right, if not a tall order to ask if we weren’t already here. :)

What is it you support; inquisitive questioning? Rather, it is the questionable inherent quality.

At any level you can and should question it, and an answer will never be ultimately valid beyond this, but always amount to it.

Our capacity to question is endless, yet our capacity to provide or understand the resulting reality is finite.

So you give your finite resources away to have an infinite question of what to expect in return.

No, you get the continuation of merit, and a system built on it, for the threat of revoking your donations and tying it to your input.

Know that Remmina purposely is a product of inalienable non-corruption through its inherent properties.

Based on the licensing of what it actually is, beyond the capacity of any taker to instil ill will with it for anyone but themselves.

Our cooperation is just one of an infinite possibility of ways to interact. It has the validity of building exactly as much as we have.

A system of eternal questioning, and avoiding effort wasted in trying at either end.

Inquisitively, answers for questions that aren’t the changelog of 1.4.12 you would have to look elsewhere for. Questions answered are only those already asked.

And like that, it happened. Your pnowack and ToolsDevler found you, through Remmina. Bold benedictions bestowed on your behalf :)