The Program

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We are the unusual suspects drawing from a line-up of great contributors.
That means a community of people helping in every way they can.
Make this even better by making it, yours truly. \

Join The Program.

We have staff to introduce new people to the codebase, and are open to almost any new ideas.

In this learning lab, you either dig into the code yourself and bring surprises, or get in touch for some direction and coordination. We can at most support 5 people at a time. Get in touch on IRC, e-mail or any other way, and get part of the donations and a specially written recommendation for your CV, and most of all a community of people to talk to. We are always on IRC, but are looking to expand into alternatives like XMPP.

There is even some money set aside to help people financially. Every opportunity to become a professional, a long-time contributor, without any of the hassles and policies of the corporate world.

This needs doing:

  • A new interface rewritten in Qt, or one following the GNOME development guidelines.
  • The code needs a complete refactoring.
  • Help for the newly developed Python library, or writing plug-ins for it in Python.
  • Testing and bug-fixing (triaging of issues).
  • More website SEO, (without any of the ugly ways to do so).
  • Maintaining the PPA would be possible.
  • Something you think needs doing.

Though this idea came to be mostly as a codebase initiative, anyone is welcomed to join even without contributing to test the waters, and you can contribute to something you are passionate about. Everyone with a GitLab account can edit the wiki now for example.

Remmina just got accepted with a financial host at Open Collective,but we are looking into alternatives. Do donate to Remmina on Liberapay. Any time off work means time on for us. Honest work, good times. :)