As per your preference

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You need not control who is clicking the buttons, only what actions are carried out once it happens.

In very apparat-chic fashion, the only bug is the only feature. Or so they would have you believe? Everything is turned on its head.

Censorship of signals following button-clicking has been lifted.
The central apparatus accepts your preferences may differ from the sane defaults.
But not if that is using XDMCP, NX, and ST, which has been disabled and removed.
GTK deemed these to be undesired, so a full purge was obliged.
We are happy to inform the user that the user is not deprecated.

Productivity for the masses is poised for great increase with
saved connection profiles from a new window menu toolbar.
Undevoted love for this technological expediency will be accepted after the auditory signal.

The full nomenklatura in the form of a full changelog for 1.4.20 is actually that of a attemptedly revised 1.4.19.

Revisionism is visionary revitalism.