Video contributions are more than welcome, see at the end of the page for more details.

How to contribute with Videos

We are looking for any kind of videos that demonstrate how to use Remmina, the more the better!

We will need the original video as we will upload it on YouTube, if you need support let us know.

The most wanted Videos are:

  • How to configure and use a basic RDP profile, quickly showing the most common controls (resizes, toolbar placement, screen-shots, …).
  • How to create a default profile.
  • How to create and connect to a VNC server.
  • How to use a basic SSH tunnel.


As we will upload the video on YouTube, we will become the “owners” of your videos and we will keep the Ads revenue that will be generated for us (the Remmina Project). You can consider this as a money donation.

You can add a watermark with the details you want to share and we will add a caption in the linked video.

Rules of thumb

  • As short as you can. Around 2 minutes, till maximum 4 minutes.
  • Avoid to show copyrighted content, even the Windows desktop icons should not be shown.

If you are not good at producing videos (like me), don’t worry, we will fix and adapt it.

Desktop/Screen video recorder

Video Editors

There are many video editors for Linux, the only one that I’ve found to be enough simple to produce YouTube friendly videos is OpenShot

To produce good looking videos choose a 1080p profile.

Share your videos with us

We strongly endorse that is a P2P file sharing system, therefore there’re no servers and eyes (well almost) in the middle. If you don’t want to use, make in contact with at .