Sometimes Remmina makes the difference, and when it happens are the Remminers, our beloved users, that send us a message to say thank you. Here we keep track of them (when they agree), and if you want to show us some love, feel free to drop a us a message.

We are a Swiss based SME. We use remmina for all our users (Thinclients). The clients are updated on startup from a central server. This way, the end user doesn't need to hassle with anything but their work. They don't need to connect to a vpn or there is need for a special connection (even from an outside network). All that is handled by remmina (over ssh). The users don't even need a password other than there windows credentials. It's really maintanance free. As the admin I have great joy using remmina and have only positive experience using it. The developpers react fast for request. Keep up the good work and thanks for the awesome product.

(Daniel Bolter - Switzerland)

Remmina gives me a stable, advanced, easy-to-use and easy-to-update RDP client. It’s an essential component of using a Linux desktop in my consulting business, where I often need to access Windows servers. So I love using Remmina twice: the first time because it’s a great app, the second time because it makes the Linux desktop viable for me, and I love using Linux. This is why it’s one of the applications I support with a small monthly donation. Tim Richardson, GrowthPath (

(Tim Richardson - GrowthPath founder)

For a Remote Desktop application at North Kinangop Catholic Hospital in Kenya we were looking for a RDP client to be installed on 10 Raspberry PI 2 computers, equipped with Xubuntu. Remmina was the best solution for efficiency, reliability, look-and-feel. Kenyan people are very happy about Remmina, and they prefer it to the classic RDP connection for Windows, that is used on about 35 clients.

(Massimo Montelatici - Volunteer IT Consultant @North Kinangop Catholic Hospital)

I use Remmina literally every day at work to manage 400+ SSH connections and a handful of RDP connections. Without it running Linux simply would not be possible as I’d have to use mRemote / Windows instead (or somehow, remember 400 hostnames off the top of my head!) As more and more people at our company switch over to Linux, I will ask about a company donation to the project also. Again many thanks for the good work!

(Richard Lees - DevOps Engineer)