Remmina Full Screen Release

less than 1 minute read

A Month only after Remmina Ice Pop Release, we are back with a new release, named Full Screen Release, because our Heroes have finally identified, isolated and exterminated an annoying bug we discovered many months ago.

Can you imagine which one? ;-)

  • Fix full screen switching with multiple displays (Mathias Winterhalter, Giovanni Panozzo);
  • RDP channel initialization for special devices sharing (serial, com, printers);
  • Updating Remmina icon to the yaru/suru icon set;
  • SNAP fixing dependencies for the plugin WWW;
  • New stats;
  • Fixing Remmina main window closing issues;
  • Makes RemminaNews window modal to avoid that it steals input to the Remmina Connection Window;
  • Building issues (SNAP and Flatpak);
  • Documentation fixes by @Cypresslin (P.-H. Lin).

In a multi monitor setup, Remmina was not behaving correctly when going to full-screen, often switching to the opposite screen where the connection was initiated.

A big thanks to Mathias Winterhalter, Giovanni Panozzo and obviously myself ;-) for having fixed this monstrosity.